Numbi Precious Metals Offers a wide assortment of Gold, Copper Cathode, and Diamond proccing services including  Refining, Smelting, Assaying, and Minting and Diamond Grading Laboratories plus removal solutions. We endeavor to provide superior refining standards excellent customer care and ethical business practices with the goals of exceeding the expectations of our clients and making them a client for life.

We are major exporters to U.SA U.A.E.The Numbi Precious Metals refinery specializes in refining and evaluating the large volume of precious metals using the most modern advanced technology and chemical process. We currently offer the highest quality and highest capacity of chemical refining in the region. We have exclusively developed our chemical process of Gold, Copper Cathode, and Diamond refinery in which we use advanced systems to chemical purify Scrap Gold Copper Cathode and Diamond and even high-grade dore . Our knowledge and technical experts help us ensure the best treatment of all Gold, Copper Cathode, and precious metal lots. We are committed to lead the industry with the most sophisticated and timely services in scrap Gold and copper cathode refining and smelting in a very competitive premium 


Numbi Precious Metals  is one of region finest and Africa leading modern private mints producing customized bullion, medallions, coin, and medals for a wide range of clients from across the world from our premises in East and Central Africa our team of operators and designer have all necessary skills and equipment to offer our clients a complete range of option associated with Gold, Copper Cathode and Diamond minting 

These services coupled with our ability to refine and process Gold, Copper Cathedo, and diamond mean that we usually have stock of the material needed to complete even the most demanding minting jobs the shortest period of time. 

Numbi Precious Metals offers bespoke Diamond and Gold separation services to clients across Africa and central Africa, The U.A.E and U.k Equipped with a state of art refining department dedicated to the treatment of material and Diamond recovery, We offer the highest quality of inspection, transparency and unmatched precious through every step of the process. Our team specializes in using innovative techniques for Diamond and Gold separation services. Our solutions enable us to work loose the most stubborn designs and extract even the most intricately placed Diamond from Gold and silver jewelry. Our services are ideal for individuals and delivery makes seeking maximum pay and quick turnaround times. To find out more about our Diamond  and Gold separation services  Contact Us

As the leading Gold and silver refinery in DR CONGO and East Africa and our major exporter to U.A.E, Numbi precious metals offers a full spectrum of smelting services to customers across the region, We specialize in smelting Gold and silver through electric induction furnace.

This environmentally friendly technique enables us to convert a large lot of Gold and silver into grain or smaller category bars of various sizes and purity levels our expertise allows us to convert Gold and Silver according to a client request while assuring the highest degree of quality and accuracy. Our state of the art of facilities coupled with our experts enables us simultaneously process huge lots of Gold and Silver while ensuring the highest quality standards and shortest turnaround times at a very competitive premium.

Numbi Precious Metals is among a handful of Gold and silver refineries in DR CONGO offering full-scale assaying services on-site at its facilities. We specialize in the traditional fire Assay method Know as the cupellation method to determine the conception of Gold. The technique uses titration and inductive coupled plasma or ICP to determine the purity of metals, with a very high precision X-ray fluorescence is used to determine the elements present inside the alloys.

ICP is also used to verify the purity of scrap Gold that cannot be determined by fire Assay due to influence of contamination group elements it is also used to cross-check the final products and results to determine chemical concentrations and company waste chemical specification for disposal or reuse

Numbi Precious metals offer group souring for Gold from a variety of sources including directly from a mine in Zambia, Dr.Congo, S SUDAN, UGANDA, TANZANIA, and KENYA through scrap metals.

We are strict endeavors of OECD guidelines and encourage our suppliers client and stakeholders to a sign their policies with the s

Numbi Precious Metals offers  wholesale Trading to jewelry companies and other clients looking to purchase a larger amount of Bullion for delivery, Gold, Silver, and Diamond are available in wholesale amount including large Bars, Dore Bars, Kilo Bars 

We also swap and transfers.

We provide Gold transfer services for our clients to various locations around the world  

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